Ole Martin Lund Bø, Olli Keränen, Maija Luutonen,
Linn Pedersen, Olve Sande

Friday 11th of October, 7 -9 pm

October 11 – November 22, 2013

Galleri Opdahl is very pleased to present the exhibition Disclaimer, where
Ole Martin Lund Bø has invited the artists Olli Keränen, Maija Luutonen,
Linn Pedersen and Olve Sande.

"It's beyond my control"
John Malkovich in Dangerous Liaisons, 1988

To take action.
To plead guilty.
To admit.
To gain credibility. To demand credibility.
Results based management.
Success / failure.

The works in the exhibition "Disclaimer" represent a method of abstraction, by which most of the aesthetical scope has been surrendered. Abstraction is created by means of an aesthetical disclaimer. The works are results of preceding acts or procedures. They become performative abstractions.

What remains is the result of an act, rather than a desire for a certain outcome. Form follows action. The act itself recedes, while the work represents the absence of figuration, and thereby the image itself. Traces of actions already taken catalyses images unseen.

Upon instructions by Olli Keränen, I have executed his work "Stunt Buffet" on-site. A squid ink pasta dish is dropped from a ramp. The ink stains the wall and a sheet of plasterboard, creating the works on display.

Maija Luutonen often creates restrictions for herself. It could be a limited timeframe for her to work within. Or, it could be letting the length of her arm determine her reach of areas to paint, as evident in the work
"The Thought You Most Likely Will Not Have". In "International Paper", a painted A0 sheet has been folded into smaller A4 formats. The folds leave fractures on the surface, rendering the painting a sculptural dimension.

In "Floor Arrangements", Linn Pedersen shows photographs taken of material scraps accumulated on her studio floor. The sprayed clay fragments are spread out unevenly, indicating sculptural activities. The compositions resemble cartographic depictions or amorphous "abstractions".

Olve Sande has employed different procedures on how to prepare wall surfaces. The main idea is to apply the filler as evenly as possible before it dries. The procedure itself is quick and efficient. Mixing paint with filler, the artisan's practical approach towards his medium blends in with the act of painting, upon which that act itself becomes the work's only motif.

My own works are four paintings. The basis is how remnants of paint, left over from templates, create lingering motifs. During the process of executing the planned procedure, the initial idea fades, only to be replaced by an interest in the painting itself. The works are no longer documented proofs of an implemented idea, but rather paintings as results of restrictions.

Ole Martin Lund Bø

Photos: Erik Sæter Jørgensen