Stopped Clocks in Places of Busyness

at Fold Gallery, London 12th October - 9th November 2013
Caline Aoun Joe Frazer Joey Bryniarska Kate Owens Maija Luutonen Patrick Coyle Sarah Poots Tom Woolner

Exhibition | Saturday 12th October - Saturday 9th November

...Sunglasses are laid out on blankets beneath an overpass...containers are used to move multiples of the same object around over concrete...shadows from tall buildings tell the time across uneven paving slabs and down into a miscommunication arises between two people, a plane seemingly disappears into a building...a cigarette is left at rest and no harm is done...
I was trying to describe a short story last read roughly ten years ago. It's shape. It's form. The details had disappeared but I still retained a sense of it. Of how it felt.
This passing of time not only depletes and erases but also results in a freedom to sidestep, to meander, to completely reinvent.
I kept turning it over in my head, like an object, in order to better understand it.

- John Lawrence